Final Design Presentation

Using your ownsection headings, include the following content:

Suggested Outline

  1. What did you solve?
  2. Defend your problem’s relevance
  3. System Block Diagram/Overview of your solution
  4. Describe hardware for your solution
    a. Schematics
    b. Problems discovered during protoyping
  5. Describe software for your solution
    a. Flowcharts, state-diagrams, and/or pseudo-code
    b. Problems discovered during protoyping
  6. Documented results
    a. details about how you tested your solution
    b. plotted data
    c. plotted results of algorithm
    d. etc.
  7. Review schedule and budget
    a. What time/money we thought it would take versus what it actually took
    b. Non-reoccuring engineering (development) cost a.k.a NRE
    c. Unit production cost d. Schedule slips. What you planned versus what actually happened
  8. Lessons Learned
    a. New skills/knowledge acquired
    b. Skills/knowledge used from your course work at CCSU
  9. Demonstration of solution
  10. Questions?