Problem Specification

File I/O Big Project - Example Java Users!

1. Problem Description

  • Use generated ExampleJavaUsers.txt data file as datasource
  • Create a User class with the following properties:
    • Id
    • UserName
    • UserPhoneNumber
    • UserEmail
    • CreatedDate
    • UserStreetAddress
    • UserCityName
    • UserZipCode
  • Create a constructor for the User class that takes in all of the mentioned properties and sets them to the objects class variables
  • Open the file using a FileInputStream or a BufferedReader
  • Create an array (User[] users) with size 101 to hold all of the example users
  • Loop through the opened file with the Stream and append to the users array a new User with the incoming data from the Stream (stream.readLine())
    • Note need to split the line by delimiter ‘,’ to get the properties of the User.
  • The loop through the users array and print out the users properties with a new line after each user
  • Loop through the users array again and filter users by Id greater than 50 (setting the user at index > 50 to null)
  • Create a new file called ‘filteredExampleJavaUsers.txt
  • Create a FileOutputStream
  • Loop through the users array and check whether the user is null
    • If not null, write the user’s properties to the output file, adding a new line after the last property of the user
  • Verify that the new file is created.
  • Learning Outcome:
    • Using generated data to look through, filter and create utility classes to work with data given for needed tasks
    • Open and write to different files as well as working with File and String class methods

2. What to Turn In

  • A screenshot of the output from the program.
  • The User class you created to work with the data provided.
  • A screenshot of the filtered file data. (Open in Notepad and screenshot :D)